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For years people have been telling me how funny my stories are.  "Oh my gosh, that could only happen to you, Gretchen!  You're making that up, right?"

Nope.  I'm not making this stuff up.  I have a good sense of humor about the things that happen to me.  I love making people laugh, and have finally decided to put these life experiences and love of comedy to good use.  As much as I love a live performance, with the Internet I will be able to reach a wider audience. One minute at a time, I can spread laughter and cheer around the world.  So I've written a web series called "#mylifeisajoke". Life is too short to not laugh at yourself.  If you can't laugh at yourself, you can at least laugh at me.  Don't worry...I'm laughing too.

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Gretchen Krull



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