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About Gretchen


Originally from Indiana, Gretchen moved to New York to study theatre at the American Music and Dramatic Academy.  She then continued her studies with Lee Michael Cohn of the Atlantic Theatre Company before heading out to L.A.


Gretchen has added stand up comedy to her resume after working with Lisa Sundstedt. In a few short months she performed at Flappers, The Ice House, and the Main Stage at the Comedy Store.  She also enjoys speaking about herself in the third person.  

Recent Projects

During the Covid lockdowns, Gretchen started a storytelling and playful series for children, and to hopefully give parents a break.  "The Babysitter's Here" can be seen by clicking here.

Gretchen stars in "The Good Samaritans", a dark comedic short by Yusuf Khan.  The film won Audience Choice at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.   

Gretchen developed a webseries based on her real life mishaps called #MyLifeIsAJoke.  I can't make this sh*t up.   Click the image below to watch!

Gretchen Krull



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